The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation supported the draft law "ER" on the abolition of compulsory technical inspection

This was announced by the secretary of the General Council of the party, the first vice-speaker of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak. The government’s road safety commission approved such a proposal. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who heads this commission following its meeting. It remains only to develop the relevant amendments to the legislation and adopt them by March 1 of the next year.

According to Andrei Turchak, the parliamentarians from United Russia, together with the Cabinet of Ministers, will finalize the necessary draft law, submit it to the State Duma and promptly adopt it in a new convocation. It will only be necessary to undergo an inspection when the owner changes, if the car is more than four years old. For everyone else, the procedure will be voluntary. But for commercial vehicles, technical inspection will remain mandatory.

Andrei Turchak said that when collecting proposals in the people’s program of “United Russia” received a large number of requests to simplify the procedure.

“The current rules for carrying out technical inspection are already morally outdated, they were adopted in 1994. All procedures have become a banal formality. And many perceive this as an additional tax or even quitrent when issuing an OSAGO policy,” said the Secretary of the General Council of United Russia.

“The proposal of United Russia is long overdue. We have previously repeatedly discussed this issue with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, thought about approaches, consulted, weighed the situation. Today, the commission supported this idea,” said Marat Khusnullin, noting that “for the safety of your motorcycle or car first of all, the owner must follow. “

The current rules for conducting technical inspection are outdated

As a reminder, from March 1, the inspection began to be carried out according to the new rules. With photographs. However, due to the insufficient number of maintenance points, it was decided to extend the validity of previously issued diagnostic cards until October 1. Thus, technical inspection under the new rules has become mandatory only for buses, trucks, taxis, as well as car owners who are 4 years old. On August 22, amendments to the laws on road safety and on OSAGO came into force, which allowed concluding compulsory car insurance contracts without checking the diagnostic card. Thus, technical inspection has already become unnecessary for individuals – owners of cars.

Now, no one checks the presence of a diagnostic card for such car owners. However, from March 1 next year, amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses should come into force, providing for a fine for the absence of a diagnostic card in the amount of 2 thousand rubles. Moreover, cameras for fixing violations in automatic mode should be fined.

Just on the eve of the decoupling of the inspection from the OSAGO, the head of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Mikhail Chernikov proposed to make the inspection for cars and motorcycles owned by individuals voluntary. There were several reasons for this. Firstly, the number of technical inspection operators, as well as experts, was still not enough to easily service car owners.

The second reason: the main task of the technical inspection reform – to eradicate the sale of diagnostic cards – has not been achieved. Photographing at the maintenance points did not help and turned into a fiction. There is also a third reason – another shift in the mass visit of car owners to maintenance points to February would have led to a traffic collapse every year this month. In addition, regardless of whether the car has passed the inspection or not, its owner must monitor its technical condition and in any case bears responsibility for this. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure control over the technical condition of vehicles involved in transportation. For example, the inspection of buses is already being carried out with the participation of traffic police officers.

We have over 49 million passenger cars. It is simply impossible to ensure control over so many cars. There are not many trucks and buses. You can concentrate on working with them. In addition, according to insurers, the frequency of accidents with passenger cars of individuals last year was 4.4 percent. This year it has grown to 4.56 percent. At the same time, the frequency of accidents with buses last year was 10.56 percent, and this year – already 11.91. Taxi statistics are even cooler. Last year, the frequency of insurance claims with them was 33.68 percent, and this year – 32.19.

According to the same insurers, 0.1 percent of accidents occur precisely because of a malfunction. So the rejection of the obligation to conduct a technical inspection is quite justified. Moreover, this does not contradict the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, to which Russia is a signatory: mandatory technical inspection is provided only for carriers. Those car owners who want to drive their car abroad will be able to undergo a technical inspection of their own free will. The main thing is that by March 1, the penalty for the lack of a diagnostic card was canceled. Then car owners can breathe easy.

Traffic rules

It is proposed to change the rules of the roundabout

The Ministry of Transport has proposed a change in priorities at roundabouts.

The corresponding amendments to the Rules of the Road were approved by the Think Tank under the Government on the Regulatory Guillotine.

The circle remains the main one, but with an exception. When driving on it, the driver must give way to those who are moving along it, if he himself is not driving along the main road. In fact, this is not much different from the current order. It’s just that the rules now state that he must give way to those who move in a circle, without any exceptions.

Then the question arises, what if he is driving on the main road? This issue is being cleared up by the Ministry of Transport.

Infographics “RG” / Alexander Chistov / Leonid Kuleshov / Vladimir Barshev

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