"The call to individual responsibility, I don't believe it"

The numbers keep climbing. Currently, there are 654 Covid-19 patients in intensive care units. This represents an increase of 21% from the previous week. What should we think of these figures? Should additional measures be considered? QR the news takes stock of the health situation with Carole Schirvel, deputy commissioner Covid-19 and Thomas Orban, general practitioner.

Additional measures?

The situation is deteriorating, explains deputy commissioner Covid-19, which is why last week’s codeco took additional measures, including wearing a mask indoors. “At this stage, it is the individual and collective responsibility to reduce its contacts. The political world has not taken a decision in this direction, but it could change its mind within a week or two depending on health development “.

Insufficient individual responsibility?

Carole Schirvel recognizes that there is great weariness among the population and that these calls for responsibility are not followed enough. “If we take stronger measures, the population must also follow them for them to be effective.”

For general practitioner Thomas Orban, the situation seems out of control. “In my office, we do a lot of tests, and many are positive. We are really in a peak. In my opinion, it is time to do something. Call for accountability, I do not believe it … I see that my patients do not understand, or that they do not want to understand “.

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Too rapid relaxations?

If the political world decided to relax, it is because the vaccination rate was very high, explains Carole Schirvel. “We wanted to give hope and breaths of fresh air. The end of wearing the mask was a political choice, but now the last codeco has gone back a bit. I think we are all learning days. We never imagined being in this situation “. The Assistant Commissioner adds that there is always a balance to be found between risk and benefit, while also having the will to allow people to work.

CST, useless?

A health pass fraud was detected following suspicions of falsification. Indeed, justice was seized on Monday after discovering the encoding of 2018 false vaccination certificates (Covid Safe Ticket) by a Walloon doctor, said AVIQ, the Walloon Agency for Quality Life. These frauds cast a little more discredit on this device, often criticized for the false sense of security it provides. Carole Schirvel says CST remains an interesting barrier, but recognizes however that the device is more effective when viral circulation is lower. “CST alone is not enough. You also have to rely on the mask.”

Plus d’autotests ?

The self-test is an interesting tool in some cases, but Carole Schirvel insists that it is not a foolproof tool either. The test is indeed less effective in asymptomatic patients, and may therefore give rise to false negative results.

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