The cardiologist named three rules without which the pills are useless

The situation when a person with cardiovascular disease doubts the effectiveness of the drugs prescribed to him is quite common. Some, for example, are convinced that they are not getting the best medicine. Such people, as a rule, are in a state of psychological discomfort, which, in turn, does not have the best effect on treatment.

“Psychological comfort is extremely important in the treatment of any diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. The whole success of treatment lies not only in drugs”, – noted cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences Anna Korenevich, advising not to fixate on drugs, endlessly analyzing which is better and which is worse.

As the doctor emphasized, “if a person does not follow a diet, it is enough to move, does not stop being nervous, then not a single drug will help.”

“If you follow these rules, then the drugs will work. They are all approved by pharmacological committees, cardiological societies. And the doctor has the right to prescribe them in any given situation,” the cardiologist explained, advising him to trust the attending physician more.

As for nutrition, there should not be strict prohibitions. Any changes in diet should occur smoothly and without sharp restrictions, the cardiologist believes. However, there are foods that are recommended to be included in the daily diet (and even eat several times a day). As is the food that you can afford “on holidays”. On the list of products for every day – oily sea fish and vegetable oil. The doctor especially highlighted flaxseed, hemp and olive oils. But with fried, fatty and spicy, as well as salty foods, you should be careful, the cardiologist clarified.

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