Deputy Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), government leader in the Chamber, President Jair Bolsonaro, PP president, Senator Ciro Nogueira (PI), and Deputy Arthur Lira (AL), PP leader in the Chamber

If all goes well and President Jair Bolsonaro really stays in the PL, one of the hard core parties of the Centrão, the goal set by the group is to make a bench of around 160 deputies in the Chamber, in the next elections.

The block dreams big. Today, PP, PL and Republicans together have 115 seats.

A powerful chief of this group does the math this way: with Arthur Lira, in the Chamber, the PP would go from 41 deputies in the current administration to 55 to 60 deputies. The PL, with Bolsonaro as a candidate, would go from 43 to around 60 deputies as well. The Republicans, even without anyone, would go from 31 to 40.

Indeed, Centrão is in high heels.

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