The Julio Humberto Grondona estate will now have a mural on one of the walls of one of the buildings in the area, commemorating the conquest on Brazilian soil.

“The Champions of America Trofeo inaugurated today, together with President Claudio Tapia, a beautiful mural alluding to the obtaining of the America’s Cup in Brazil. Give him Campeeeeón, give him Campeeeón!”, pointed out the GRANDPA on the official Twitter account.

In the gigantography you can see images that have to do with Messi, Ángel Di María and Emanuel “Jugue” Martínez, and the achievement obtained in the Copa América after 28 years for the Albiceleste team.

Argentine national team mural

Lionel Messi inaugurated the mural that the American champions already have on the AFA site in Ezeiza.

AFA Press

Messi and Tapia formally inaugurated, with ribbon cutting included, and also the players of the squad left their signature on the wall, as a representation.

AFA opens commercial doors in Asia

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) announced that it will begin commercial operations in India, with the installation of an office in that Asian country.

Through a statement published on social networks and on the official website, the GRANDPA He indicated that the idea of ​​opening the office is with “the objective of continuing to expand its commercial borders” to “reach new audiences with products and content, in a market that has always shown a clear interest in the Argentine National Team.”

The arrival in India was due to an agreement with the sports marketing agency India On Track (, and in that sense the GRANDPA It will develop “specific digital content for the Indian market, an ecommerce network to market official products of the National Team and will generate links with the most important brands in India, with the aim of adding them to the National Teams projects.”

“We are very happy and with great expectations with this project. We have seen in these years everything that the Argentine National Team generates in the Indian public and we know the potential that exists in that market. The experience acquired in China allows us to take this new step. to open a strategic market, where football is also growing a lot. The National Team and the Professional League will from now on have an official presence in India and this will undoubtedly generate new income for AFA, in addition to continuing to position our brand globally. “, said the president of the entity, Claudio Tapia.

For his part, Leandro Petersen, Commercial and Marketing Manager of AFA, stated: “AFA is one of the most important and global sports brands in the world and we are always working to increase our presence in markets where we can develop new businesses. India is one of them, which we have studied during a long time before taking this important step. “

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