'The children of Ruinerwold' winner Golden Televizier Ring 2021

What is special about the documentary series is that it is an intimate, honest, true crime drama, says media scientist Dan Hassler-Forest. He has also seen the series himself. “True crime is a popular new genre, but the stories are not always neatly portrayed. In some cases, victims are exploited for the sensational story.”

That was different in the documentary series about the children of Ruinerwold, according to the media scientist. “In that you see that the story is made in a respectful, non-sensational way.” This gives the children in the documentary series sufficient time and space to tell their story. “They explain in their own words what has happened in the family all those years.”

This method also gives the viewer the feeling that you have gotten to know the children up close, explains the media scientist. According to him, this explains why the documentary series has won the Televizier-Ring, a prize awarded by the public based on the most public votes.

“People who have seen the series have started to empathize with the kids,” Hassler-Forest says. “By seeing them at the Televizier-Gala, on the red carpet and then in the audience, the public knows that they are doing well. We like that as viewers: a good ending. nice bow around it.”

“The prize is for all of us”

The children who were present at the award ceremony reacted briefly to receiving the prize in the broadcast of the talk show Op1. “It feels like the start of something new,” Edino said. “What stayed with me after the documentary is that it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through in life. You never have to be ashamed of it. You can always be open about it.”

He also mentioned the absence of the other children from the Ruinerwold family at the Televizier gala. “I wish we could be here with all nine. But in the end, of course, everyone makes a decision to stay in the publicity or out of the publicity. But I think this prize is for all of us.”

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