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Days after the controversy over the crossing that the Minister of Security had on social networks Anibal Fernandez and the cartoonist Cristian “Nik” bell, the Civic Coalition presented before the Chamber of Deputies a request for impeachment to remove the official because they consider him to be “unworthy and insolvent” for the position he holds.

The CC’s request for impeachment joins that of other opposition leaders who have already asked for his resignation as a result of what happened.

For the party that leads Elisa Carrió, Fernández “made public statements on the social network Twitter that come face to face with the functions assigned to it by law and that could even be facts that could be subsumed under criminal offenses”, and they considered that it was a matter of “a message with an anti-Semitic and threatening tinge”.

Aníbal Fernández downplayed the threat against Nik: “I don’t regret it.”

In the same vein, the former deputy had expressed herself this week, when she opined that the response of the Minister of Security “expresses a racist and nazi thinking that has to be investigated by the Justice ”. “He is not only making a threat to Nik’s children by drawing the school, he is transforming the name of the Jewish school in Buenos Aires into a kind of very clear antisemitic attack“, Carrió told TN.

In the presentation, the Civic Coalition points out that it questions the capacity of Anibal Fernandez at the head of that portfolio and maintains that “it is evident that Mr. Fernández is morally insolvent the unworthy to exercise the position he holds ”.

And they argue: “That is to say, morally insolvent or unworthy not in terms of individual beliefs or convictions, but of the grounds for exclusion that our National Constitution speaks of in the case of national legislators in Article 66.”

The cartoonist Cristian Dzwonik “Nik” and the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández.

The tweets between Aníbal Fernández and Nik

The strong crossover between the head of the Security portfolio and the cartoonist began when the latter criticized on social networks the plan promoted by the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof to grant “free graduate trips” to 220,000 students from schools in the province.

Last Friday, Nik tweeted: “Give away refrigerators, jugs, graduate trips, plans, little money, whatever, whatever comes. How sad to never hear the word WORK, EFFORT, FUTURE, FUTURE. The DIGNITY of the people will defeat them again ”.

Before those sayings, two days later, Fernández replied: “Many colleges and schools in the CABA receive subsidies from the state and that is fine. For example, the Ort. Do you know her? Yes you know her, or do you want me to draw you a little picture? Excellent school, I guarantee it. I repeat: do you know her? ”, Alluding to the Buenos Aires school where Nik’s daughters study.

Nik will denounce Aníbal Fernández after receiving a “veiled threat”

The comedian said that the tweet was “persecutory” and maintained that it was a “veiled threat”: “I am afraid,” he warned.

Later, the Minister of Security stated that he had already apologized for the case: “Do not threaten anyone. I told Nik that, if he felt threatened, I apologized ”.

“I do not know if it is out of desperation or just what they are looking for is that you shut up, that you do not think, that you shut up because they mess with your children,” he said in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia. In addition, he anticipated that he will go to court for the fact and that he is preparing the lawsuit for threats.


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