the Cointe tunnel again open at 6 a.m. this Friday, October 15

The last section of the E25-E40 / A602 link, i.e. the portion between the Grosses Battes interchange and the Val-Benoît interchange, will again be accessible over its entire length from 6 a.m., before the morning rush hour, this Friday, October 15.

The partial rehabilitation of equipment and infrastructure allows light vehicles and heavy goods vehicles with local service to be able to travel there but on only one lane in each direction and with a maximum speed limited to 50 km / h.

This speed limit was already very frequently applied at peak hours thanks to the dynamic signaling control in order to make traffic more fluid and avoid the phenomenon of accordion queues.

From December, certain additional equipment will be rehabilitated and will allow the release of the second lane in each direction but still with a maximum speed limited to 50 km / h.

This still limited reopening should provide some oxygen to mobility in the Liège region.

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