President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

The Brazilian Senate commission that investigates the management of the pandemic in the country has advanced that in its report of conclusions it will present a list with at least 11 crimes to impute to the president, Jair Bolsonaro, including crimes against public health and against humanity.

This has been made known by one of the main rapporteurs of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission (CPI), Senator Renan Calheiros, who has also advanced that there are at least 40 other defendants besides Bolsonaro.

“Only in relation to the president of the republic we have already selected 11 criminal types. They range from crimes of responsibility, through common crimes, crimes against public health and also against humanity ”, he said.

In the case of Bolsonaro, the imputation proposals that the commission will present, in a report to be debated at the end of the month, must be subsequently ratified by the State Attorney General’s Office., which according to the Brazilian Constitution is the one who has the power to initiate criminal actions against the president.

“All those who have to be accused, we are going to accuse them. We are going to send the accusations to the different public ministries and we are only going to send the attorney general of the republic (Augusto Aras) those under the corresponding special jurisdiction, ”Calheiros said.

The senator for the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB) already announced last week that President Bolsonaro “with certainty” would be indicted by the Senate commission “for everything he did” during the health crisis.

However, the number of people who will be charged has also gone from “about thirty” to “more than forty” in the last week, according to his latest statements in an interview for Globo.

Although he has indicated that “out of respect” for the victims of the coronavirus in Brazil he cannot “select” the accused, The leader of the Government in the House of Representatives, Ricardo Barros, is expected to receive the summons “for his participation in the negotiation to acquire vaccines”; the deputy Osmar Terra, “who was a kind of spokesman for denialism”; or the doctors Nise Yamaguchi, Paolo Zanotto, “illustrious members of the parallel cabinet” of Bolsonaro.

Among the main candidates to appear on this list of defendants are also the former Minister of Health Eduardo Pazuello, which was his “number two” Elcio Franco, and some managers of the medical company Precisa Medicamentos, among others.

(Taken from Europa Press)

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