The company Oscars d'Andenne works for optimal logistics in Qatar

The company “OSCARS”, based in Andenne, has just won a very good contract in Qatar. Specializing in the management of geographic and computer data and relying on ESA (European Space Agency) satellites, it has developed an airport surveillance system which guarantees its manager an optimization of human and material resources. Either the right person, always in the right place. After Liège and Paris, the Walloon company will save time and money at the Qatari international airport in Hamad.

The principle is based on high-resolution satellite mapping of the airport and on GPS recording of the slightest movement observed. Movements of men but also objects such as planes, equipment for boarding or disembarking passengers, supply trucks, in short, everything that makes an airport work.

Thanks to the technology developed by Oscars, each airport service can focus on the part that concerns it. For example an arrival location of an airplane. When the device arrives, the entire operational chain can be set in motion at the right time. Disembarking passengers, baggage handlers, fuel truck, cleaning etc.… This avoids long waits for services on the tarmac when the plane is late, streamlines their interventions and de-strains the staff who work in the allotted time (1h30 for a rotation of ‘airplane).

The designer also argues less work accidents and logistical errors.

By scrutinizing strategic and logistical places from above, the Oscars company offers a real improvement in operations and security. Something to interest many logistics players in the future. Transport companies, port areas, cargo areas, road network… in search of productivity and efficiency.

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