the Council of Ministers validates the draft law on posted drivers

The Council of Ministers validated on Friday a draft law relating to the posting of drivers in the field of road transport, which aims to transpose into Belgian legislation a European directive of 2020 of the “mobility package“.

The objective is to maintain a balance between the freedom of entrepreneurs to provide cross-border services, the free movement of goods, satisfactory working conditions and the social protection of drivers“, communicates the Council of Ministers.

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The text is carried by the Minister of Economy and Labor Pierre-Yves Dermagne, it is “set limits on the unbridled posting of lorry drivers in order to combat social dumping in the transport sector“, said his firm on Friday. Social dumping is common in the sector, helped by letterbox companies that have no real activity in the country where they are based.

The directive had been strongly criticized by many Eastern European countries, while Belgium had supported its main principles with the exception of one element: the new restrictions on the “cabotage“, a system that allows truck drivers to carry out several intermediate loading and unloading operations in another country before returning to their base. Specialized in short international distances, many Belgian transport companies take advantage of this of their competitors in France and Germany, who complain about it.

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According to the office of Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne, the transposition of the directive should allow “more effective controls with less inconvenience and administrative burden for transport companies, and “more coordinated checks between two or more Member States”.

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