The Council of State approves five new decree-laws

Photo: Tony Hernández Mena.

The Council of State of Cuba issued on Wednesday five decree-laws on programs of national interest, among which are regulations to strengthen the banking sector, care for working mothers and the responsibility of families.

This happened in a videoconference session with the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, headed by the head of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament), Esteban Lazo.

Those present gave the green light to the decree-laws ‘Del Banco Popular de Ahorro’ and ‘Del Banco Exterior de Cuba’, which seek to adapt content on the legal regime for the constitution, organization, operation, regulation, supervision, surveillance and sanction of the institutions that operate in the sector.

The regulations also adjust the appointment of the presidents of these entities by the prime minister, at the proposal of the head of the Central Bank, specified the Parliament’s website.

The document ‘From the System of Aids to Navigation of the Hydrographic and Geodetic Service of the Republic of Cuba’ was also approved, with regulations on aquatic spaces subject to Cuban jurisdiction, in correspondence with current national legislation, international treaties and conventions .

For its part, the decree-law ‘On the Maternity of the Worker and the Responsibility of Families’ expands the benefits in this matter for state sector employees and grants equal rights to those of other forms of management.

In this sense, there are guarantees for the enjoyment of social benefits, monetary aid for medical certificates for pregnant women and women with sick children, and supplementary maternity leave.

The norm facilitates medical assistance during pregnancy, pre and postnatal rest, breastfeeding, as it protects the father or another working relative who takes care of the minor in the event of the mother’s death.

The body of the Assembly also gave its yes to the regulation ‘On the Labor Condition and the Special Regime of the Social Security of Creatives in the Sphere of Social Communication’, for the benefit of professionals affiliated with the Cuban association for that sector .

The meeting also analyzed, with a view to its presentation to the deputies in the ordinary period of sessions of Parliament (convened for next October 27), the draft laws of Courts of Justice, the Administrative Process, the Criminal Process and the Code of Processes.

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