the Covid Safe Ticket will apply from November 1

Walloon politicians have been talking about it for weeks, the decision has just been made: Wallonia will follow in Brussels’ footsteps by imposing the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) on its territory from November 1.

The rules are largely inspired by those put in place in Brussels. The sectors concerned are:

The draft decree provides for the compulsory use of the TSA in Wallonia from November 1 in the following sectors:

  • Dance halls and nightclubs
  • Indoor catering (CST will not apply for take-away, on terraces, in social restaurants and food aid services)
  • Residential care establishments for vulnerable people: hospitals, rest homes, day care centers, rehabilitation centers, establishments for the disabled, psychiatric establishments or establishments for people with mental disorders
  • Sports centers, fitness centers and indoor sports and more than 200 people outdoors
  • Trade fairs and conventions bringing together 50 people or more indoors and 200 people or more outdoors
  • Cultural, recreational and festive sector establishments bringing together 50 people or more indoors and 200 people or more outdoors
  • Mass events bringing together 50 people or more indoors and 200 people or more outdoors

Who is concerned?

The CST will be required for all visitors to the sectors listed above from the age of 16, with the exception of visitors to hospitals, nursing homes and residential care facilities for vulnerable people, for whom the CST will be required at from 12 years old. It will also be required from the age of 12 for people attending mass events.

The use of the CST does not apply, in particular, to the organizers – to people working in one of these sectors or establishments – to people going to a hospital consultation or requiring care – to people accompanying a vulnerable person , fragile or ill in a care establishment (the time of care) – visitors who visit people at the end of their life.

Penalties for non-compliance

Please note, if you do not comply with the rules relating to the CST, criminal penalties are foreseen. for visitors (50 to 500 €) as well as for the organizers (50 to 2,500 € fine).

For the organizers, the mayors can also use their police powers and order the closure of an establishment for a maximum period of 3 months or signify the immediate end of the event. In the event of fraud of a visitor / customer despite the control of the organizer, the responsibility of the organizer is not engaged, but only the individual responsibility of the fraudster.

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