The craziest theories about Matrix Resurrections

Keanu Reeves playing an actor who stars in a reboot of the Matrix? Neo and John Wick are one and the same character?

The trailer for Matrix Resurrections, unveiled at the end of last week by the Warner Bros., panics fans of the Wachowski saga, who imagine lots of explanations to justify the return of Neo and Trinity in this sequel despite their disappearance at the end of Revolutions, in 2004. Here are some interesting / wacky / funny ideas shared on Twitter, while waiting to discover the real plot imagined by Lana Wachowski, David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas) et Aleksandar Hemon (The Lazarus Project) from December 22 at the cinema (the Warner Bros. has just postponed the film by a week, probably to avoid competition with another blockbuster: Spider-Man No Way Home).

Beware of potential spoilers: among these theories, some may have guessed a few elements of Matrix 4 ! Also note that we have already published an analysis of the trailer, and that we are not repeating the questions that were asked in it here. It is a good complement to this article, which you can read below:

Matrix Resurrections: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Agent Smith… trailer decryption

Resurrections to justify
“After the end of Matrix 3, Neo found a way to ‘revive’ Trinity by creating your own version of the Matrix, writes Daitomodachi. The machines have figured it out and they continue to hold it in this Matrix knowing how powerful it has become. “ Others think on the contrary that it is the character played by Carrie-Anne Moss who will be the real heroine of this sequel, after three episodes to follow that of Keanu Reeves as elected. The resurrection of the two heroes, which gives its title to this sequel, is obviously at the heart of the theories shared on the web. Lana Wachowski has not wanted to confirm anything yet regarding the return of Neo and Trinity, the director having simply shared a touching message to explain very personal reasons who had pushed her to want to find these two characters.

Lilly Wachowski explains why she is not participating in Matrix 4

A movie within the movie … with John Wick ?!
“This is a super meta movie in which Keanu plays a fictional version of himself who is filming a reboot of Matrix. The last line is about the original film, not the Matrix. Unless we learn that it IS in fact in the Matrix? This is the impression I have. “ This theory shared by Core Ideas is pretty much shared on social media, with some notable differences. I think Keanu Reeves is playing himself in some of these shots Matrix 4, consider for example Ryan Stewart. I know the shrink calls him Thomas, but it looks like there’s a second one at the end of the video. That could explain his beard, The Matrix the movie being screened in the Matrix, etc. “ In the same spirit, ce thread de Chris Hanna develops the idea thate “movies Matrix are fictions worn by a famous actor called Thomas Anderson and who he thinks the reality he saved was actually just a movie. (…) When the Resistance finds him, they will have to convince him that it was not all ‘just in a movie’ and that he is capable of doing all these things. “

Lucas goes even further: “My favorite theory is that John Wick is just a variation in the Matrix and that Neo has no memory of what happened to him in the past. “ A certain Diest fully agrees, and even adds that “John Wick, Matrix and Cyberpunk are all related and Keanu Reeves is the same person in the three.”

Two characters in one
About playing the same character, this other idea turns a lot: “Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff are variations of the same character. In CinemaCon’s description, NPH was portrayed as a psychiatrist, but on the film’s site, Groff is also portrayed that way. And the blue pill question seems posed with one voice. “ Two variations of the new Agent Smith?

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II does not play young Morpheus
“Here is my first theory, avance Michael Neth. He’s not a young Morpheus. The film takes place many years after Revolutions and he is himself the son of Morpheus and Niobe, or one of their descendants hundreds of years into the future. “ “Good theory, responds another Twitter user. Rather, I think he’s some kind of clone or implant. Because either he was murdered or he died aged. In any case, it’s not the same physical incarnation, not really him. “” Besides, in The Matrix Online, Morpheus was assassinated. It would be interesting to keep that in the canon. And it would also be interesting to see him come back for some reason or another … Dude, I can’t wait until December. “

These ideas are based in part on video games Matrix Online, launched in 2005 and co-written by the Wachowskis, but since the trailer went live, the actor shared a photo of his character while commenting “Morpheus”, which tends to confirm that he succeeds Laurence Fishburne in this role. Unless he blurs the tracks?

Colors and “false connections”
Take a good look at the details, advises Tristan Cooper. “There has always been a color coding in the Matrix movies, so it’s fun to watch the trailer for Resurrections thinking about that. There are some very clear references to blue and red pills, and the more I spot them, the more questions I have. ” The user then shares several screenshots of the video, where we see Morpheus wearing red. Most often, this play on colors is used within the same scene or the same costume: the psychiatrist played by Neil Patrick Harris wears blue with a red shirt, then a blue (“The cut seems to use two different scenes (…) Maybe the red shirt is later in the movie, when Neo starts to open the curtain?”), Jessica Henwick’s character has blue hair and red pants (“to indicate that she is stuck between the two worlds?”), the machines are filmed in turn in two colors … “Red seems clearly connected to the ‘real world’, as we see especially with Morpheus and when Neo is plugged in. Finally, this color is also clearly visible when Neo asks about his world, when he dreams and when he surrenders. at the cafe to meet someone who reads Alice in Wonderland.

Sensory experience, déjà vu and marketing
For Julien Abadie, the secrets of Matrix Resurrections also lurk in the details. He thus develops a long thread, to be read below in French, based on two books that can be seen in the background in the shrink’s library. An interesting theory, knowing that the Wachowskis have often hidden in their works this type of “keys” to spot and analyze.

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