The National Police announced in the last hours that they dismantled the criminal gang known as ‘El Cachaca’, with the capture of its three alleged members: alias ‘El Cachaca’, ‘Karola’ and ‘Marquitos’, in Cartagena.

‘El Cachaca’ fell

And it is that according to the authorities, the seizure of 300 grams of coca base, 2 grams, 1,000 packages and a cell phone was achieved.

This criminal gang was commanded by a subject known as ‘El Cachaca’, who was in charge of selling drugs in the La Candelaria neighborhood, and generated citizen and social security problems such as personal injuries, reception and theft, reported the police. Police.

In compliance with the Plan 100 Days Against Micro-trafficking Phase IV and Plan 1,000 GDCO ‘Los Cachaca’, through two search and raid procedures, eradication of a drug store, and arrest of three people for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing or carrying drugs like this:

Search and raid in the Candelaria neighborhood, Wilfrido Castro street, captured three individuals identified as ‘Marquitos’, from Caracas-Venezuela, 32 years old, ‘Karola’, from Cartagena, 26 years old and ‘El Cachaca’ from Cartagena , 54 years old, indicted for drug trafficking, manufacture or possession, and Prisoner Escape.

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