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To be more proactive, to overcome slogans and to achieve higher levels of goods and services to face inflation, urged the national labor movement Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, member of the Political Bureau of the Party and Secretary General of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) , before the CIX Plenary of the National Council of the organization held in the capital.

The meeting, which remembered the Commander in Chief of the Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of his physical disappearance, was chaired by Roberto Morales Ojeda, member of the Party’s Political Bureau and Secretary for Organization and Politics of Cadres of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

During the meeting, the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives this year and the agreements adopted in the past Council were analyzed, ratifying it as a priority of the organization to continue improving the attention, response and monitoring of workers’ complaints.

Guilarte de Nacimiento described as significant the contribution of the documents and agreements derived from the 8th. Congress of the PCC, whose ideas, concepts and guidelines were implemented by all the leading bodies of the trade union movement.

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When presenting the central report to the meeting, he said that the work of the organization this year was aimed at fostering greater effectiveness and leadership of the union and the workers in the participation, contribution and control of the policies approved in the economic strategy and social boost to the economy.

They also followed up on the impacts of the Ordering Task, and the confrontation with the enemy’s media campaign, a political-ideological battle that has no time to rest.

He indicated that it must be approached with realism and objectivity how the trade union movement achieves the mobilization of workers to ensure, in practical terms, achieve the efficiency that is currently so demanded of the business system. He stressed that the CTC has the duty to mobilize, and also to represent the rights of workers.

In the Plenary CIX of the National Council of the CTC, the Report on the Management Report of the Secretariat to the National Council was unanimously approved.

As part of the fulfillment of the cadre policy, the plenary session liberally agreed to Carmen Rosa López of her responsibility as Second Secretary of the CTC, who was awarded the “Jesús Menéndez” medal.

Likewise, it was put to a vote and it was approved to be promoted to the position of Second Secretary of the CTC Isdalis Rodríguez Rodríguez.

Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant

Morales Ojeda, in summarizing the event, explained that this Council was held after a long period of confrontation with COVID-19, thanks to the work carried out by the Health and Science sector, together with all the other institutions in the country, who worked as a single army to control the effects of the pandemic.

He also exhorted us to defend our symbols, our identity and culture with solid arguments to continue defending our prosperous socialism and social justice.

Also present were Marta Elena Feito, Minister of Labor and Social Security, Meisy Bolaños, Minister of Finance and Prices, as well as other officials of the Central Committee of the PCC and of agencies of the central administration of the State.

Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant


-As for the internal life of the organization, the report mentions that at the end of October the CTC had 3,161,809 affiliates, of them 2,779,075 state workers, 227,704 non-state workers, and 150,030 retirees and pensioners. which means a growth with respect to 2020 in 58 357 affiliates in the three affiliation sources.

-A call was made to transform the indicators of internal life to implement the control, unionization and organization, from now on, of the new actors in the economy, based on the improvement approved by the country.

Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant

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