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Photo: Jose Manuel Correa

To contribute to the academic debate and the production of thought on world contexts, the Sectoral Program for Science, Technology and Innovation in International Relations and the call for research projects for 2022 were presented at the Cuban Foreign Ministry headquarters.

“Under the premise of generating science on demand and according to sector priorities, the Minrex has approved the topics of interest that are part of the call and therefore, the partial and final works must become relevant contributions to the decision-making process », Explained the Vice Minister Josefina Vidal.

The directive urged researchers and experts in the country to promote international policy studies and disseminate them through communication channels designed for scientific inquiries.

José Ramón Cabañas, director of the International Relations Research Center (CIPI), affirmed that this plan responds to the priorities granted by the Communist Party of Cuba, after its 8th. Congress.

He expressed that the program is aimed at “making visible the integrated use of the country’s specialized scientific potential in international relations” and for this, academies, universities, and study and research centers from all Cuban provinces participate.

“The research presented should contribute to updating the Cuban economic model, national security, as well as the processes of formulation of strategies and policies, their planning, decision-making in foreign policy and their implementation,” added the also Doctor in Sciences.

Among its expected results are: the elaboration of international policy scenarios in the geopolitical and geoeconomic order; description of the trends of the economy in the world; proposals to create and strengthen capacities in response to conflicts; identification of variables and actors that influence Cuba’s relations with the United States, with other nations and continental blocks; and the effective insertion of the Cuban economy in the world economy.

In this sense, the call for the delivery of research projects was presented by the Doctor of Science Ruvislei González Saez, a researcher at the cipi, based on various topics that cover the bilateral and multilateral ties of Cuba with the other nations of the world.

Photo: Jose Manuel Correa

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