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FIA to announce final decision on Formula 1 Grand Prix scandal in Abu Dhabi on March 18

The decision will be presented at the World Motor Sport Council, which will be held in Bahrain. In the last race of last season, Max Verstappen won the championship, overtaking Lewis Hamilton on the last lap

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Фото: Clive Rose/Getty Images

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) will present its final decision on 18 March following an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix last season. About it reported on the FIA ​​website.

The FIA ​​administration, under the leadership of the new president of the organization, Mohammed bin Sulayem, has begun an audit of events in that race, the statement said. On January 19, the Sports Advisory Committee will consider the use of a safety car on the track, which has caused controversy over the results of the race.

The next step will be a joint discussion of the issue with all Formula 1 drivers. The result of this detailed analysis will be presented to the Formula 1 Commission in February, and the final decision will be announced at the meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, which will be held on March 18 in Bahrain.

Hamilton announced manipulation in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race

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Before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which took place on December 12, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had the same number of points. During the race, Hamilton was still in the lead seven laps before the finish, more than ten seconds ahead of Verstappen, but lost the advantage due to the appearance of a safety car on the track in connection with the accident of Nicholas Latifi of Williams. Verstappen managed to get into the pit stop, and the restart of the race happened on the last lap, on which the Dutchman, thanks to fresher tires, easily overtook Hamilton.

Mercedes wanted to challenge the race results, but later withdrew its appeal. Mohammed bin Sulayem later promised to investigate the situation in detail and provide a unified interpretation of the rules in the future.

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