Gastón Hissa, United for San Luis Block

After several hours of debate, the Provincial Chamber of Deputies approved by majority decree which contains the battery of measures of the Executive who announced Alberto Rodríguez Saá last Friday. By 27 positive votes against 11 negative, the ruling party achieved approval with the support of its legislators and those of adolfism.

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Regarding the approval of this project, a controversy. The decree had been sent around noon to deputies so it was left out of the summary of the session that closes on Tuesdays.

The problem with this would be that many legislators did not have enough time to study it.

Gastón Hissa, Block Unidos por San Luis

Another edge of the controversy, according to criticism of the opposition, especially of the Block San Luis Unido, is that the government’s economic measures have an “electoralist” or “clientelist” tinge, as they had described it in a statement.

Anabel Lucero, a provincial official, said that the measures provide an immediate response to the needs of the population. But the leader of radicalism Luis Guillet He stated that “in view of the electoral result in San Luis, the silver plan is also applied in the pocket.”

Similarly, on the one hand, the opposition leaders described the aforementioned decree as illegal, unconstitutional and as an electoralist and patronage plan. Meanwhile, on the other hand, government officials supported the measure, for which it was finally approved.

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