The denials of Teodora and Aureliano

“That Villavicencio guy who has his ears, because he nailed it to me.” Such vocabulary belongs to the former senator, former presidential candidate and darling of Maduro and Correa, Piedad Córdoba, alias “Teodora” in the FARC…, although she denies it.

Why so brave Teodora? Because it was mentioned in the document that Fernando Villavicencio, president of the Oversight Commission of the National Assembly of Ecuador, officially delivered to President Duque and Senate President Juan Diego Gómez, on Alex Saab’s corruption network in Venezuela and in his country, where he embezzled from the national reserve.

Now it turns out that Piedad does not know Saab, did not travel on his planes or have done business with the figurehead of Chávez and Maduro, a Venezuelan diplomat in Africa and a negotiator in Mexico, appointments that failed to stop his extradition. Curious that he doesn’t even know him, because Saab was part of the close circle of dictators, where Piedad is well received.

Gerardo Reyes, Director of Research for Univisión, published a book on Saab, in which he reviews his business and close ties with Chávez, Maduro and Piedad, who even “leveraged” the return of 30 million dollars! people. Uhm!

Denial is an expression of betrayal. Samper denied Botero, his campaign manager; Santos denied Uribe at the JEP and even accused him of promoting false positives. Santos himself, in 2011, did not know who the Colombian businessman -Saab- was, who, in a solemn ceremony with Chávez and Maduro, signed a millionaire and cheating agreement.

Petro, or better, “Aureliano” does not deny the M19, but he had nothing to do with murders, kidnappings or alliances with drug traffickers to attack justice. Chavez’s former intelligence chief, in the National High Court of Spain, included Petro among the politicians who “receive money” from the Venezuelan government, an accusation that Diosdado had already made against him. As expected, Petro acknowledges friendship with Chávez, but does not know Carvajal and is not a friend of Maduro.

There are no isolated events on the left. Senator Bolívar equips the vandals of the Front Line, but denies it; the mayor of Cali hands over the city to the ELN, but denies it, while the mayor of Bogotá denies the selfless action of the Police and the evident support for “his pelaos”, and the farian senators are silent in the face of the narcoterrorism of their dissidents, while longing for to Tirofijo, Marquez and Santrich.

Santos denies having betrayed democracy in the plebiscite and negotiated the State with some bandits, for a peace that never came. For neocommunists, denial is a shield to keep attacking; hence the disguise of “progressives” while they claw at democracy.

What to expect from consummate traitors, if even Peter denied Jesus three times? We only have to deny them at the polls and save Colombia.


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