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The publishing house “MYTH” is releasing its main novelty of the year – the detective “The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Osman. In the West, the book breaks records – it became the best-selling criminal debut of all time, stayed in the bestsellers for 13 weeks in a row, and the writer himself received the British Book Awards as “Author of the Year”. Moreover, they are already preparing to shoot a film on it – the rights to the film adaptation were bought by no less than Steven Spielberg.

This book has already become a hit in Europe, and will soon be filmed by Steven Spielberg.

Laura Palmer is replaced by Tony Curran. Instead of donuts and damn good coffee – sandwiches and cola. Rarely a detective today is not christened the “new” Twin Peaks “, but perhaps Richard Osman was best able to immerse readers in that very atmosphere again. and, of course, humor.One of the main characters, by the way, is also called Donna.But don’t flatter yourself, this is just the first and, I must say, very pleasant association. , which must be untangled by all means.

Cooperschase is a small village for retirees, built on the site of an old monastery. The residents here have everything – from the pool and library to the “first-class modern restaurant” and even a whole herd of llamas (originally there were two, but everything got out of control). It would seem that you live in peace, but four friends do not agree to this – Elizabeth, Ibrahim, Ron and Joyce every Thursday, encrypted under a narrow circle of Japanese opera lovers, gather to try to solve old cases that have not succumbed to the police. In life, they would hardly have come together – they are too different. Ron is a disruptive and scandalous former trade union leader, Ibrahim is a psychotherapist who, due to his age, left the practice, Elizabeth does not talk too much about herself, but everyone knows that she was once a spy. The last to join the company is Joyce, a former nurse. It is she who keeps a diary, from which we learn about the events that shook the town.

So what happened in Cooperschase? A local builder is found dead. And, of course, the Thursday Murder Club comes into play – amateur retirees are confident they can bypass the police and catch the killer. But time is precious – one victim follows another … At the same time, “The Thursday Murder Club” is not just a detective story. Of course, the strings converge and diverge again, tied in knots, with each killed, the tension grows, the reader makes guesses and makes mistakes. But this book is also about love of life, about age, about friendship. There is a lot of hope and good humor in it. The Russians also got a couple of jokes, for example, this: “Over the years, Ian had more than once grappling with various authorities, but only two news reports could unsettle him: the Russian customs service and the Cooperschase parking committee” …

by the way

Next year Steven Spielberg should start filming the film based on the novel. Osman himself is a TV presenter, producer and comedian – by his own admission, he does not interfere with the film process, but he writes a sequel. The second and third parts of the book are being prepared for release.

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