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Recently, nutritionists agree that you shouldn’t completely give up fried foods. These foods can be found in a healthy diet, but it is important to control the amount and the nuances of cooking, using, for example, the right oil for frying.

When choosing the latter, it is important to take into account the product’s resistance to high temperatures and the risk of free radicals. In particular, it is recommended to cook with those fats and oils that remain most stable when heated to a temperature of 180-200 degrees, noted nutritionist Elena Motova.

The nutritionist confirmed that when frying, trans fatty acids are actually formed. However, this is quite acceptable if you do not use this oil twice or more. According to the doctor, the biggest concern is not home cooking, but deep-fried food from the public catering.

“Home cooking, in which oil is used only once, should not cause concern,” said Elena Motova, adding that it is better to get rid of the oil that starts to burn or smoke during frying and start cooking again.

The nutritionist believes that for frying, if you do not overdo it with temperatures and do not fry food, budget refined sunflower oil is quite suitable.

In addition, to achieve a trade-off between oxidative stability and health benefits, “special oilseed varieties have been developed.” The result is the so-called high oleic vegetable oils. Including sunflower seeds. This is a good option for frying, but less expensive.

Earlier, experts from the American Food Safety Service identified peanut oil, soybean oil, grape seed oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil and olive oil among the heating-resistant vegetable oils. Sunflower oil is also on the list.

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