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From Lupita Nyong’o until Kate Hudson, and from creating part of the wardrobe of Sex and the City and Cats, one of the most emblematic musicals of Broadway, Hochi Asiatico is a true Dominican pride that shines with its own light.

From his artistic apartment, located just two blocks from the Central Park, the Dominican painter and designer, spoke with Free Journal about how difficult and fascinating it has been to get to the production of one of the most famous and emblematic artistic spaces, not only in New York and the United States, but in the entire world.

In his more than 30-year career, Hochi has in his arsenal more than 1,500 projects. He began in the world of theater painting in 1991, but not before also collaborating with Dominican theater producers such as Amaury Sánchez and Waddys Jáquez.

His work is so respected that, as he highlights, he has had the good fortune “of rejecting and choosing the jobs that interest me.”

“For example, I am currently collaborating with a designer for an immigration musical, one of those who do many pre-productions before reaching Broadway, and he gave me an open letter to do my work,” said the Dominican.

For Hochi, his most emblematic work is always the last one he does.

“For me, choosing a particular project is very difficult because there are so many. For me, the last project that everyone does is the best, ”said the Dominican when questioned by Diario Libre.

“It is amazing to be able to teach others what you love to do. The students are very curious and with many concerns ”

The seal of his good work

Hochi Asiatico’s studio is known for treating, painting and embellishing contemporary clothing and beautiful vintage fabrics for live show costumes that keep color in the most demanding shows, and also provide costume designers with meticulously prepared theatrical fabrics.

A graduate of the Altos de Chavón school, Hochi Asiatico is the only Dominican who stands out on Broadway for his work in theatrical painting.

“It is very difficult to get to Broadway, but I think I was very lucky. I always say that you have to be in the right place, at the right time, but you have to be prepared, you have to knock on the right doors, and not only have the project, but also the assurance that you can do things, “he said. Hochi.

You have learned to separate your work from your personal life.

Hochi highlighted the importance of separating his work from his home, “I don’t bring anything from the workshop to my house, balance is very important in this career, he said.

After the pandemic, jobs in the industry have accelerated. Hochi says that what used to take three months to do now must be delivered in a week.

“Broadway reopened recently, after the pandemic, and now we are working on many things at the same time, here each color is very important, because the costumes have to reflect what is being narrated on stage, and many changes and tests of locker room, “said the Dominican.

So important is the wardrobe in a Broadway play, that he ensured that they can take a full day to choose the color of a garment, testing it in the lights to make sure the color is correct.

Hochi is currently delving into another facet of his career, teaching his art to students who are interested in learning about theater painting.

“It is amazing and very interesting to be able to teach others what you love to do. Students are very curious and always have many concerns, ”said the painter and designer.


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