The dreaded fall wave does not arrive: "A good thing but there could be changes in the weeks to come"

Dreaded for several months, the fall wave does not materialize. For comparison, infections have doubled in one week in our Dutch neighbors. Proof that at home, this wave has started. Obviously, not everything is perfect. Infections are also on the rise in Belgium. However, the rate is much lower. In fact, infections increase by 10% per week.

For VTM News, Steven Van Gucht was optimistic about these numbers. “So far we’re doing better than previous predictions, that’s a good thing“, he explained. In the fall, experts thought” 1000 beds would be occupied in intensive care, more than half of which are for covid patients. “However, the virologist refuses to claim victory too quickly.”If the situation worsens, I do not think we will reach these numbers again. But there could be changes in the coming weeks. We hope this will not be the case and that they will not be too serious if this happens.“, he concluded.

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