The end of a brilliant science fiction epic and 47 other new films and series

Amazon Prime Video added 47 new films and series to its streaming program this week. At the start of the weekend we have for you a practical overview of all innovations as well as a very special series tip that you shouldn’t miss.

Amazon again trumps with tons of catalog titles, which this time should be particularly exciting for fans of old spaghetti westerns. For families, on the other hand, there is the animation fun Hotel Transsilvanien 4 to marvel at, which appears directly in the stream after the cinema release has been canceled. The biggest Amazon highlight of the week, however, is the grand finale of one of the best sci-fi series.

New to Amazon: The best science fiction series in recent years ends epic

The last episode of the ingenious science fiction series The Expanse was published on Amazon on Friday. For six seasons, the adaptation of Daniel Abrahams and Ty Franck’s novel series told a fascinating how complex space epic about the political and human conflicts in the solar system with unique worldbuilding and lots of realism.

The Expanse – S06 Trailer (English) HD


After the extremely condensed and only six episodes long final season of The Expanse, that’s it Sci-fi masterpiece now in its entirety ready to stream. And the best part about it? The Expanse actually creates a worthy but also brilliant series end that brings together and concludes the story arcs that have been built up over the years.

All new series on Amazon Prime this week

All new movies on Amazon Prime this week

Hotel Transylvania 4: Watch the trailer for monster fun for the whole family

Hotel Transylvania A Monster Metamorphosis – Trailer 2 (German) HD


As always, the list is not complete, as more films and series often appear at weekends that were not previously announced by Amazon Prime Video.

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What are you going to watch on Amazon Prime this weekend?

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