“They are as important one as the other …”, assures the director.

Any Oscar-winning director she is, Chloe Zhao is forced to conform to the traditions of the MCU. And the oldest is that of the post-credits scene, which allows the film to make a link with the next one …

In a recent interview with Fandango, the filmmaker thus confirms that The Eternals will feature two post-credits scenes, both of which potentially have major implications for the future of the MCU! She assures: “Don’t just stay in the room for the first post-credits scene! Stay for the second too! They are both equally important, they will weigh heavily (on the MCU) and both have great surprises in store for you … “

The Eternals: New Marvel Video Focuses on Deviants

This is what we call good big teasing! And by the way, Chloe Zhao specifies that these two post-credits scenes will arrive at the end of a feature film which will already last more than 2h30! “It could have been longer! You know, we tell the story of ten characters, the Celestials, over a period of 7000 years. There is a lot going on …”, smiles the director, who promises as a bonus a ton of cut scenes and maybe even an extended cut for her next DVD / Blu-Ray release.

The Eternals will be released on November 3 in theaters in France.

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