Lyudmila Porgina and Nikolay Karachentsov in 2014

Lyudmila Porgina and Nikolay Karachentsov in 2014

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

The widow of Nikolai Karachentsov was dragged into a scandal. The ex-husband of Marina Golub said that he was the lover of Lyudmila Porgina. In addition, the actor Vadim Dolgachev claims that the artist gave birth to a son from him.

The ex-husband of the tragically deceased actress Marina Golub said that he was in a relationship with Lyudmila Porgina when she was married to Nikolai Karachentsov. Moreover, actor Vadim Dolgachev claims that born in 1978, Andrei Karachentsov is his son.

The artist said that his relationship with Porgina began in the late 70s. He met the actress in one of the cafes and was struck by her beauty. Vadim invited the blonde to his hostel. “We had a wonderful time. I had a relationship with Lyudochka in April-May 1977. I am sure that Andrei is my son,” Dolgachev said in a confession in the studio of the “Actually” program on Channel One.

As the artist assures, when Porgina met him, she did not tell him that she was married. According to the actor, he found out about the marital status of the artist quite by accident. Fate brought them together again seven years later at a corporate party.

Dolgachev invited the ex-lover to a slow dance, and then, being drunk, started to pester… “Lyudmila pushed him away. Nikolai Petrovich punched him, a scuffle began, a real fight. People rushed to separate them, there was a lot of blood,” a witness to those dramatic events said.

Vadim, meanwhile, explained that for many years he remained silent because of respect for Nikolai Petrovich and Marina Golub, who tragically died in an accident. “Quite recently I discovered a photo of my father, who died when I was two years old. I compared the pictures of Andrei, dad, and my own and realized that everything was from the same breed,” Dolgachev shared his discovery.

In turn, Lyudmila Andreevna admitted that she knows Vadim, but denies the fact of adultery. She was offended by the man’s statements. “There are some sacred things in life. The soul is looking for a person, and when they say this to me … I stood for 13 years, held Kolya in my arms, For the third year after his death, it is very difficult for me to live. I’m just now, perhaps, gaining confidence that this is my destiny. Vadim, you were a handsome Scotsman. Where did you get such cruelty? I don’t understand why you need it? “- Porgina turned to the man.

Experts of the show helped to understand the situation. In particular, the polygraph examiner asked the widow of Karachentsov: “Could Andrey’s father be Vadim Vadimovich? The answer is no, it’s true.”

Roman Ustyuzhanin addressed the alleged parent: “I guarantee that you are not the father of Andrei Karachentsov.”

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