The expert named the main reason for the rise in prices for air tickets - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The cost of air tickets in Russia is determined not by the rise in price of kerosene, as is commonly believed, but by the costs of leasing, maintenance and repair of aircraft. Thus, only 20% of companies’ expenses go to kerosene, while leasing and renting aircraft already costs 27% of expenses.

Aleksey Safronov, Deputy Head of the Economy of Infrastructure Industries Department of the Center for Strategic Research, spoke about this. “This does not mean that fuel costs are not growing, but the dynamics of air tickets are not determined by them, but by more rapidly growing items of expenditure,” he explained in an interview with RIA Novosti.

In 2011-2021, airlines’ leasing costs increased from 11% to 27%, followed by an increase in maintenance costs, which the expert explained by problems with servicing equipment, as well as by the fact that, with a decrease in the frequency of flights, fuel costs fall, but not for repairs. “To sum up, in the medium term, prices for air tickets are more threatened not by exchange fluctuations in the cost of kerosene, but by the appetites of lessors and aircraft manufacturers,” Safronov concluded.

On October 11, the cost of jet fuel rose again, slightly falling short of the historical record – 53,092 rubles per ton. The rise in fuel prices is taking place against the backdrop of the recovery of passenger traffic. So, in August of this year, the turnover on domestic flights in Russia increased immediately by a third compared to the dock August 2019. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), this is the highest value in the world.

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