The expert of Rospotrebnadzor urged not to consider the "omicron" strain as light

Omicron should not be considered a minor disease. This was stated by Natalya Pshenichnaya, deputy director for clinical and analytical work of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.

According to her, in per capita terms in the United States, Italy, Belgium and a number of Eastern European countries, the cumulative death rates from omicron are higher, since the incidence is very high, writes RIA Novosti.

The expert stressed that it is possible to resist the omicron in the same way as other variants of the coronavirus. Among the most important measures are: reducing contact between people, wearing masks correctly, disinfecting hands and surfaces, ventilating rooms, and getting vaccinated.

Pshenichnaya emphasized that even with a slight deterioration in health, it is worth staying at home and seeing a doctor, getting tested for COVID and flu. Timely treatment prescribed by a specialist will avoid the development of adverse consequences, the expert concluded.

Meanwhile, a person infected with the omicron strain can simultaneously infect up to 100 people around – a cough or sneeze may be enough for this. Thus, the new variant of the coronavirus becomes even more contagious than measles. This opinion was shared by the doctor – allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok. According to him, this explains the new outbreaks of COVID-19 in various countries.

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