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Russian money is considered one of the most reliable in the world. In the Eurozone, experts record 223 counterfeits per million banknotes, in the UK – 112, in Mexico – 58. Since 2018, no more than seven counterfeits have been identified among a million domestic banknotes in Russia.

The Bank of Russia is constantly improving the elements of the authenticity of money, but fraudsters also invent new ways of deceiving. Observance of simple rules will help not to become a victim of counterfeiters. Vladimir Knysh, First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Bank of Russia for the Central Federal District, spoke about them.

Rule 1

“Place and time”

Remember: it is most profitable to make fakes of large denominations – 5000, 2000 and 1000 rubles.

“When selling things from hands, in small shops and shops, at small gas stations, in kiosks, in a market where there is no equipment for checking the authenticity of banknotes, poor-quality lighting, people are in a hurry, the easiest way is to become the owner of a counterfeit,” Vladimir Knysh explained.

Rule 2

“Three” P “”

To distinguish a genuine banknote from a counterfeit one, you need to know what and where to look. There are several groups of signs of authenticity. You can independently detect those that are determined by light, by touch, when tilted and under a magnifying glass. The other three groups are identified by experts using special equipment.

“To be sure of the authenticity of a banknote, it is worth checking at least three signs of authenticity from different groups. In other words, apply the rule of three Ps – look, touch, twist,” Vladimir Knysh clarifies.

Watermarks appear in the light on the banknote – denomination numbers and multi-tone, volumetric portraits of historical figures, as well as microperforation – on 100, 500, 1000-ruble and five-thousandth banknotes, the digital designation of the denomination is visible from micro-holes in the form of bright dots. The paper at their location should not be rough to the touch.

“When tilting on banknotes of large denominations, you can see a thin strip of polymer film with a repeating denomination – a security thread, a unique development of Goznak. The numbers on it indicating the denomination move,” Vladimir Knysh explained. there is another protection invented in Russia – an iridescent coat of arms: when the banknote is tilted, a sparkling strip rolls over it. “

By touch, you can check the convex elements of the banknote – the emblem of the Bank of Russia, the text “Ticket of the Bank of Russia” and strokes along the edges. Under a magnifying glass, on real banknotes, one can see microtexts and microimages – rows of numbers and letters and stylized images of animals and plants.

Rule 3

“Pocket assistant”

You can download the free application “Banknotes of the Bank of Russia” to your mobile phone – it was created specifically for verifying the authenticity of banknotes in circulation: from 5 to 5000 rubles.

Rule 4

“For help – to an expert”

A dubious banknote found in a wallet should be taken to any commercial bank for examination. The original, but worn-out, will be replaced, and the suspicious one will be sent for examination to the Bank of Russia.

In addition, in the retail network, you can find a cashier who has successfully completed free training in recognizing the signs of authenticity and solvency of cash at the University of the Bank of Russia. You can distinguish it by a special sticker placed at the workplace.

Rule 5

“Don’t get involved”

Vladimir Knysh warned that in no case should you try to pay off with a dubious or counterfeit banknote. In this case, you can become an accomplice in a crime and lose not only money and nerves, but also freedom.

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