Actor Oleg Tabakov.

Actor Oleg Tabakov.


Until recently, all of Oleg Tabakov’s grandchildren lived in Europe, and only baby Mia, who was born last year, corrected this injustice. The girl became the fifth granddaughter of the famous artist, but Oleg Pavlovich has only one grandson.

30-year-old Nikita has long settled in London, is engaged in business. He is a non-public person, does not appear in the press and does not sit on social networks: the general public met the guy several years ago, when he appeared on the air of one of the Russian talk shows. The trademark Tabakov smile, an ironic look – the heir, like two drops of water, turned out to be like his famous grandfather in his youth. And the other day, a fresh photo of Nikita appeared on the Instagram of his mother, actress Ekaterina Semenova: the guy has noticeably matured, but has not lost his resemblance to Oleg Pavlovich.

Nikita Tabakov (far left) with his grandmother, grandfather, mother and sister.

Nikita Tabakov (far left) with his grandmother, grandfather, mother and sister.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

They say that Tabakov himself doted on his first grandson. However, Ekaterina Semenova never received a marriage proposal from his son. When 29-year-old Anton Tabakov began caring for young Katya, she was only 17. Two years later, the lovers began to live together, but from Oleg Pavlovich, who was the rector of Semyonova, they hid their relationship to the last. When a personal acquaintance nevertheless took place, Oleg Tabakov reacted absolutely calmly. The only thing that worried him was the question of the heirs.

– Anton was 31 years old at the time. By today’s standards – a boy. And then it seemed that he was an old-born father, there were no children, he was constantly being treated for something: there are no children, which means there is some problem, – the actress later recalled in an interview.

Semyonova herself was diagnosed with infertility, nevertheless, at the age of 19 she became pregnant. But the happy groom was in no hurry with the proposal …

– Once I said to Anton: “If you do not marry me, I will marry someone else.” But he replied that he had no place in his passport: there were already four stamps – “married, divorced,” “married, divorced.” So, because of stupidity, we parted. Thank God, we have kept an excellent relationship – I still consider him my beloved relative, – the actress admitted.

In the early 90s, Tabakov Jr. paid child support for his son … with chicken legs. But then the restaurant business went uphill, and the father was able to provide his son with a comfortable future. Nikita studied in America – received a producer’s diploma at the New York Film School. He worked in a brokerage firm, advised on investment issues. The young man was not interested in the acting profession, but under the guidance of his father he tried himself in the restaurant business. By the way, in Russia, Oleg Pavlovich’s only grandson also has a business: four years ago Nikita Tabakov registered an individual entrepreneur in the field of software development.


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