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With one of the strongest performances of the season, the team of FC Gießen defied the financial and atmospheric quarrels in the club and continued to build the positive record against Hessen Kassel.

The team of FC Gießen can hardly be blamed: Despite the turbulence in the club and the financial problems, the team of coach Daniyel Cimen did its thing and on Saturday won the second consecutive win without a salary: It deserved 1-0 ( 0: 0) against KSV Hessen Kassel lets the Giessen catch up with the non-relegation places of the Southwest Football Regionalliga.

“That was an emotional victory for us,” said Cimen – when asked “why”? he explained: “I don’t want to answer that, but that’s clear” – the October salaries are now said to have been transferred, although official confirmation is pending. We are now waiting for a statement from Emergency Board member Turgay Schmidt announced for this week.

With the third home win of the season, which increased the FC’s point account from 15 to 18 points, the FC’ers, who were wearing blue jerseys, also confirmed the positive record against Kassel: There have been no defeats in five league games since FC Gießen was founded : Three wins, two draws.

In addition, Cimen was delighted with the audience of 750 official visitors, many of whom were eager to cheer: »The atmosphere was sensational today. The spark has jumped. If the boys give everything, it is also rewarded from the outside – it was a real stadium feeling “- the mood among the crowd, who often applauded, conveyed the impression:” This should not end here, we want to watch regional league football! “

The Waldstadion-Elf showed one of their best performances of the season, both combative and playful. In the first half, Takero Itoi (8th) hit Latte and Michael Fink (17th) post. The truth is that FC also had to survive some dicey situations in the first half, when Ben-Luca Fisher saved on the line (7th) or keeper Frederic Löhe was there twice (11th, 12th).

FC coach Cimen knew: “We really fought our way into the game. In the first half the chances were still par. But it wasn’t a classic 0-0 game, it went back and forth. It could have turned out 4: 3. “After the second win in a row, the trainer thought about it and said:” Perhaps we are now one step further by conceding less simple goals and then tackling the problem. “

In the second 45 minutes, Gießen rewarded himself after initially missed opportunities from Donny Bogicevic (54th, 64th) in the 76th minute: Ironically, two Japanese paved the way to victory.

Ryunosuke Takehara was able to carry the ball through the Kassel half after the again strong Dennis Owusu had initiated the counterattack. In front of the sixteen-meter space, after a hook, Takehara placed a hook across the onrushing Ko Sawada, who hit the flat right into the corner from around ten meters to make the celebrated 1-0. Coach Cimen jumped into the arms of his “co” Marco Vollhardt.

Takehara and his Japanese colleague Takero Itoi were recently not paid by the club for months, supervisors and coaches took care of the young Asians living in the disk house privately.

The sporty momentum now has to be taken into the next home game on Saturday. At the start of the second half of the season, Astoria Walldorf comes to the Waldstadion. With a win, the FC could catch up with the eleventh place in the table and get their third success in a row – a few days later the November salary is expected.

FC Gießen: Löhe – Fisher, Fink, Sarr, Lo Scrudato (88. Tiliudis) – Sawada (88. Münn), Trkulja – Owusu (81. Reithmeir), Bogicevic, Takehara – Itoi (67. Öztürk).

KSV Hessen Kassel: Gröteke – Najjer, Starostzik, Springfeld, Missbach (75th Döringer) – Schwechel (85th Rakk), Brill – Feigenspan (75th Kahraman), Vesco, Mogge (64th Fischer) – Flotho (64th Durna) .

In the shorthand: Goals: 1-0 (76th) Sawada. – Spectators: 750. – Referee: Hildenbrand (Wertheim).

Closed through difficult times: The cheering Gießeners after the derby victory.

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