The first snow will fall next weekend: “Possibly a few centi...


The first winter jab is a fact. In the coming days, the temperature will regularly drop below freezing at night, and the first snow will fall in the Ardennes next weekend. “It cannot be ruled out that there will be a few centimeters,” says Nicolas Roose of the NoodweerBenelux weather service. The RMI makes the same predictions.

The sun shone in many places all afternoon on Monday, but that could hardly hide the fact that the temperatures are now really taking a serious dip. Weathermen call it the first blow of winter. To such an extent that the temperatures in the night from Monday to Tuesday will drop below zero and the gritters will be put in position if there were slippery roads.

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If we look a little further, we see the temperatures drop further. “It will gradually get colder during the week,” says Nicolas Roose of NoodweerBenelux. “We will not see snow in the coming days, but the chance of winter precipitation will increase by the weekend. In the interior there will at most be some melting snow at night, but in the Ardennes we see that snow can fall at an altitude of 300 to 400 meters. We see this in the majority of weather models. It is possible that there will be a few centimeters of snow on Saturday and Sunday.”

The same can be read in the forecasts of the RMI: winter precipitation is also reported there on Saturday and Sunday.

According to Roose, there is a good chance that it is a short-lived winter jab. “It should decrease by next week. But that is conditional of course, it is still a long way off.”

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