The first trailer for the new Kevin - Home Alone finally shows Kevin as the psychopath he always was

Kevin – Home Alone is one of the greatest Christmas classics. The December comedy has been an integral part of the December TV program for over 30 years. This year Kevin dares to do it Sprung ins Streaming and let off steam to your heart’s content on Disney +.

The new Kevin movie is out on Disney + in November

To Disney +

With Not already home alone again, the original title Home Sweet Home Alone Disney’s streaming service presents a new take on the familiar story. Will be a boy again at Christmas forgotten by his parents and then has to defend his family’s house against nasty intruders.

Trailer for the new Kevin Home Alone Movie on Disney +

Am 12. November 2021 Not already at home alone is premiering on Disney +. On this occasion, an amusing trailer has now been published, which gives us a first glimpse into the film. It quickly becomes clear: The new Kevin is clearly enjoying putting the burglars down.

Here you can watch the trailer for Not Alone At Home Again:

Home Sweet Home Alone – Trailer (English) HD


In fact, Kevin in Not Alone Again is not called Kevin at all, but Max. He is played by Archie Yates, who already caused a stir in Taika Waititi’s satirical Jojo Rabbit in a minor supporting role. as Successor to Macaulay Culkin he shows himself from a downright terrifying side.

The new Kevin doesn’t take any prisoners on Disney +

When Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney break into their home, they become one Max in Scarface-Pose who shoots them directly with billiard balls. They would certainly have blown Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern in the original film. In the trailer, Max turns out to be a little psychopath who is not to be joked with.

The innocent child does not appear in any scene. The new Kevin enjoys the chaos from the first second. No wonder there is a seat in the director’s chair Expert in rough humor. Dan Mazer was involved in numerous Sacha Baron Cohen projects, staged the Jackass fun Dirty Grandpa and delivered a Christmas comedy in the Hangover tradition with Office Christmas Party.

It is doubtful whether the new Kevin film really goes too far. After all, it’s one family-friendly production, which was tailor-made for the family-friendly streaming service Disney +.

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