The Flintstones spin-off: Bedrock by Elizabeth Banks

What is “Bedrock” about?

“Bedrock” is now set 20 years later, Fred is approaching retirement, Pebbles has grown up and is forging her own path in the more advanced Bronze Age. Actress Banks will lend her voice to Pebbles, Variety reported.

The animated series will be broadcast on Fox. Krass: As from a report by “deadline” appears, the series will not be aimed at children, but at adults! We can’t wait to see what 18+ gags the series will be throwing around. It will definitely take some getting used to, because the Flintstones are probably synonymous with childhood, innocence and harmless (albeit intelligent) fun for all of us…

When can “Bedrock” be seen?

A start date – neither for the USA nor for the German-speaking area – is not yet known.

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