The importance of vaccinating adults and children against Covid - 06/01/2022 - Julio Abramczyk

The concern of responsible people is not just about the necessary and important Covid vaccination for children. It is also with the education of the new generations.

The current problems of education are evaluated by the dossier “The Futures of Education: learning to show solidarity”, which has just been published in the Revista Lusófona de Educação.

The document brings together contributions from educators and intellectuals from study centers with different tendencies from different parts of the world.

Professor Célio da Cunha, from the Catholic University of Brasília, in the introductory note to the dossier, shows that the essentiality of education does not end with the return to classes. For him, the crisis of the new coronavirus points to a new paradigm, a new path to be followed.

He points out that it relates to human formation in times of the ideology of denialism, which opposes the effort of medical and pharmacological sciences.

The topics covered by the dossier are the new role of universities in order not to give in to utilitarian reductionism, neuroscience in the future of teacher training and the creation of spaces for alternative proposals, among others.

Professor Célio da Cunha also highlights the Unesco Report for the future of education, such as “learning to grow”, in the final stage of preparation, which he considers a reflection that joins the paths suggested by Paulo Freire’s pedagogy, this year of the its centenary.

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