the German-speaking Community makes free self-tests available to schools

As part of the adapted national testing strategy, the government of the German-speaking Community makes a free self-test available to all pupils and education staff every week. Childcare staff members are also affected. This measure will apply until the carnival holidays, said the office of the Minister of Education, Lydia Klinkenberg.

The groups of people targeted, namely: members of staff in school education, vocational training and higher education, secondary school pupils, apprentices and students as well as pupils in primary education, are invited to perform a self-test every Monday morning before arriving at school.

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This provision of free self-tests aims to combat the spread of the virus while keeping schools open and ensuring school operations.

The government is also making tests available to schools and childcare facilities for kindergarten children or for children under the age of three, if parents wish to test younger children as well.“, adds the minister’s office, which insists on the importance of carrying out these self-tests even if they are not compulsory.

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