Lady Gaga en House of Gucci

Since it was announced that Lady Gaga would be part of House of Gucci, the film was positioned as one of the most anticipated of the year. And it is that it does not only mean the return of the artist to the cinema after her success with A Star is Born, but it is also a total transformation to what is usually known about it.

After months of waiting, it is finally here. Ridley Scott’s second film of the year hits theaters on November 25 and is already shaping up to be a must-see film event. Nevertheless, Does it really meet expectations? And in the eyes of the upcoming awards season, what are your options for the Oscars?

House of Gucci: A drama that fails to take off

After the first trailer of House of Gucci, it was already clear what we could see. A glamorous drama about a true story, with nods to the fashion industry and a combination of elements of tension and a comedy that promised to make it a new success.

Sadly, Ridley Scott’s new is not really the movie you might have imagined seeing his sneak peek. House of Gucci, that extends beyond two and a half hours, You do not decide if you want to be a full drama or an exaggerated comedy with tones of tension, creating a biopic that seems to have mixed two movies into one.

On House of Gucci It tells the story of Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) and how she led the Gucci family to ruin in one of the most famous crimes in fashion history. A plot as such seems perfect for Scott who has excelled at mastering multiple genres, from science fiction to Alien to the epic of Gladiator.

But in this new film, Scott finds himself less inspired than a story like this needs. Every detail is absolutely correct, but its direction fails to be dynamic or creative enough to tell a crime this attractive.

The good

Throughout the promotion of House of Gucci, Lady Gaga has been in charge of carrying a large part of the promotion of the film on her shoulders. She claims to have maintained the accent for more than nine months, an intense connection to the tragedy of the story, and a commitment to the typical character of the artist’s charming drama.

Lady Gaga en House of Gucci
Lady Gaga en House of Gucci

And it is that after all, House of Gucci is Lady Gaga’s two-and-a-half hour show, where every scene screams that she wants to be at the 2022 Oscars. The accent that baffles at first, soon ceases to matter before the charm of her performance, with a Gaga who tries her best to humanize a murderer eager for success.

Unlike A Star is Born, his character is not charming and the audience will have a hard time understanding his rationale and progression. But there is no doubt that Lady Gaga did everything possible to take advantage of a story like this, putting every part of herself to empower a complex character like this. If only the script and the tone of the story accompanied it, perhaps the Oscar would be assured.

The power of a good cast

But beware that Lady Gaga is not alone in House of Gucci. Unlike the dramatisms of Germanotta and the radical transformations of the rest of the cast, Adam Driver he only needs himself to be able to convince. SIt is its subtleties and small details that make its interpretation the most real of the film, again demonstrating its ability to adapt even to a failed script.

Adam DriverAdam Driver
Adam Driver

And is that Ridley Scott has a lot to thank the cast of this film. If there is anything that lifts history, it is the charm of Lady Gaga, the subtle performance of Adam Driver, the mighty power of stars like Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino and a Salma Hayek, who deserves more scenes than she had.

What to do with Jared Leto?

Unfortunately, it seems that the rest of the cast never consulted which movie Jared Leto was trying to make. As surprising as her physical transformation may be, this can’t help but the fact that her performance stands out like an ugly burn on a Gucci scarf.

While Lady Gaga and Adam Driver understood that this would be a drama with some comic elements, Jared Leto seems to be doing a sketch of Saturday Night Live where he waits for the laughter of the public at all times. It is not even possible to know if your interpretation is good or notConsidering that it seems to be part of a completely different film.

Jared Leto en House of Gucci

There is no mistaking it. His performance will draw laughter and he probably manages to win over members of the Academy., who love hype and transformations like these. However, their presence does not further underscore the lack of direction under this story.

Is it worthy of the Oscar?

At the end of the day, House of Gucci it is far from being a bad movie. At more than two hours long, it manages to keep you entertained for much of the story. Ridley Scott’s work is correct if it weren’t so bland, while Lady Gaga and Adam Driver are an overwhelming couple who shine both together and separately.

Sadly, it’s the missed opportunities that hurt the most about this movie. What could be a party of extravagance and a modern movie classic camp, It ended up closer to a dark drama that perhaps would work best as a true crime documentary series.

But you have to stay calm. It’s hard enough that the Oscars can resist the allure of Lady Gaga and a mega cast like this, including the curious and memorable, for all the wrong reasons, performance by Jared Leto.

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