The government open to the trade unions' counter-proposals for the compulsory vaccination of caregivers: "Possibility of a step backwards"

The “possibility of a step back”, for those who are not yet vaccinated against Covid-19, was essential in the eyes of the PS, he insisted. On the union side, we denounce a negative message, the effectiveness of which remains to be proven. “We are not convinced that this is the best way to obtain a 100% vaccination rate. The majority of care workers are vaccinated, do not let the population believe the opposite”, points to Bel RTL Nathalie at the microphone Lionnet, federal non-profit secretary at Setca. This deplores the image given to the population that a worker can “be dangerous for a patient”, when the sector precisely lacks qualified personnel.

Despite the adaptations made to the text over the last week (the direct dismissal as a sanction has been abandoned), the copy remains indigestible, as also indicated by Marie-Hélène Ska, general secretary of the CSC, at the microphone of DH Radio. “It is a very partial response to the underlying malaise in health care structures, where there is a lack of arms and where one is tired after two years. Coming with this compulsory vaccination, without proposing concrete solutions for trying to resolve saturation in health care systems is a difficult message, ”she says.

First and foremost, the bases of the fight against the coronavirus should be better anchored in the population, believes the trade unionist: barrier gestures (wearing a mask, distances, etc.), ventilation of the premises, “we know that it is the first protection, but we observe that it is less and less respected “. It’s the same with the forms to fill out when entering the country, a tool that is not (sufficiently) controlled, adds Marie-Hélène Ska.

Pierre-Yves Dermagne, whose party president Paul Magnette had seemed to disavow the agreement of the kern at the beginning of the week, indicates on Monday on La Première (RTBF) that the social partners “have the possibility of giving their opinion and of making cons -proposals “.

“We are going to submit proposals, but we are still going to discuss them”, indicates on Bel RTL Nathalie Lionnet (Setca non-merchant). “The sanction remains totally unacceptable for us,” she said.

The project shaped during the week does not provide for directly terminating the employment contract of a person who is not vaccinated, recalled Pierre-Yves Dermagne. It leaves “time for reflection, with the possibility of having three months of temporary unemployment then six additional weeks for those who decide to register for a vaccination course”. At the same time, the PS wishes to open the debate on compulsory vaccination for all. The Liberals have already expressed their opposition to this track.

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