Government prohibited payment in installments for the purchase of trips abroad. It governs from this midnight, when the Black Friday. The objective is to avoid the outflow of foreign currency at a time when the Central Bank’s reserves are depleted.

The tickets, packages, stays and any other service abroad It must be paid in cash, with debit or credit cards in a single payment. It reaches out to providers, travel and / or tourism agencies, web platforms and other intermediaries.

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Another option that they mention from the Central is that you will be able to access the financing offered by banks to pay the minimum and the balance in installments, with an interest of 43% (Annual Nominal Rate) that in fact ends exceeding 66% (Annual Effective Rate). Or take out a personal loan to settle the purchase, whose TNA around 70%.

“Financial and non-financial entities issuing credit cards they should not finance in installments purchases made by credit cards of its clients – human and legal persons – of tickets abroad and other tourist services abroad (such as accommodation, car rental, etc.), whether made directly with the provider of the service or indirect, through a travel and / or tourism agency, web platforms or other intermediaries ”, says the BCRA resolution.

What about travel abroad on Black Friday

The news took by surprise travel agencies, airlines and tour operators who had everything prepared to sell tickets, stays and services abroad in pesos and in installments with and without interest.

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“We’ll have to put programmers to work to remove options starting at midnight and reconfigure the entire web”, They pointed to TN from a travel agency, concerned not only about the impact it will have on the sector but also about the last minute changes they will have to make.

By taking the resolution hours before the start of Black Friday, the Government seeks to discourage the purchase of trips abroad, seeks to avoid the outflow of foreign currency and as a counterpart to promote local tourism in advance of the summer holidays.

To take off

The lack of predictability and clear rules does not contribute to the recovery of the sector in particular, or of the economy in general

Surprise in the tourism sector due to the end of quotas for trips abroad

From the sector they told TN that “for tourism, which is a circular activity, this measure is very serious”. “The Airlines they sustain a route if they have passengers to drive to and from destination. A flight full out and empty back is equal to raising the route because they lose money and a lost route is equal to fewer seats available, therefore those that remain become more expensive ”, they warned.

On To take off They indicated that they are “evaluating the new scenario a few hours before a key event such as Black Friday, which is so important for the industry, and that is fully impacted by this news.”

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“Right now we are I readjust all the proposals that we had ready for Black Friday and making the necessary changes to be able to maintain the best possible offers that we have been working on over the last few months. We believe that lack of predictability and clear rules it does not collaborate with the recovery of the sector in particular, or of the economy in general ”, they indicated.

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