The Dutch government is worried that a new wave of Covid-19 contamination appears to be taking shape in the country as the number of Covid-19 cases has increased over the past seven days.

The number of cases is now 62% higher than that of last week, the most significant increase since mid-July, according to health authorities on Wednesday.

Nationwide, there were 3,746 new cases, nearly double the number of cases recorded the previous Wednesday. The number of patients has also increased significantly.

More than 500 people are being treated in hospital for Covid-19 and nearly 140 in intensive care. The government qualifies the level of alert as worrying.

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Most cases have been recorded in large cities, but contaminations are also high in Protestant communities. The vaccination rate is quite low among people of Orthodox Calvinist faiths.

In the Netherlands, 68% of the population of 17 million are now fully immunized, and 83% of adults are covered by vaccination.

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