The intervention of the Puerto Berrío cemetery begins to search for missing persons

Bogotá, Sep 14 (EFE).- The Search Unit for Missing Persons (UBPD) began an “unprecedented intervention” on Tuesday in the cemetery of the Colombian municipality of Puerto Berrío, in the department of Antioquia (northwest), where it is presumed that victims of disappearance are buried. forced.

During the day that organization, which will work in the La Dolosa cemetery until September 26, recovered five bodies in the charity pavilions, where it believes that there are more than a hundred victims of the Colombian armed conflict.

Among the bodies found today there is one that, due to its characteristics, appears to be that of a minor between 14 and 17 years of age.


Last February, the Unit protected and relocated 416 bodies that were at risk of disappearing because of how they were stored in this cemetery and then, in April, it recovered 43 corpses that supposedly could be persons disappeared during the internal armed conflict.

This decision was based on the request of the National Movement of Victims of State Crimes (Movice), for the protection of places where the burial of victims of disappearance is presumed.

This cemetery, located in the Magdalena Medio region, has been recognized for housing unidentified bodies, most of them dragged to this municipality by the Magdalena River, the main one in Colombia, between 1998 and 2004 due to the armed conflict.

Usually these bodies were recovered from the river by the community, who took them to the cemetery and adopted them, gave them a name, protected them, looked after their graves and asked for miraculous favors, according to the locals.

The National Center for Historical Memory (CNMH) indicates that there are 7,360 missing persons in the Magdalena Medio region and 851 in Puerto Berrío.

The Magdalena River was one of the great graves of the Colombian conflict, where the armed groups, especially the paramilitaries, dumped bodies to erase their tracks and avoid possible prosecutions.

In Colombia there are 9,113,500 victims of the conflict (almost 18% of the population), according to the Unique Registry of Victims (RUV), including five million displaced people, almost 12,000 victims of antipersonnel mines and, at least, 80,000 disappeared forced.

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