My name is

On Friday night, the program hosted by the presenter Melina Ramírez and the journalist Carlos Calero had a very busy night, but the participant who imitates Jennifer López managed to set Instagram and the stage of “My name is” on fire.

Lorangie, as this Jennifer Lopez impersonator is known on social media, has managed to advance in the competition for her incredible resemblance to the Queen of the Bronx. Even the “Diva of divas” and the interpreter of “Aventurero” already confess to being fans of the participant.

If Amparo has her Maluma, I have my JLo,” said Yeison Jiménez after the incredible stage show performed by the “Colombian Jennifer Lopez” with the song “On the Floor.”

JLo advances in the Yo mi llamo competition.

From what we could see on her Instagram, since this program began, the young woman has been able to increase her followers exponentially and today she has more than 14 thousand, which places her as one of the most followed contestants on this program.

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