The Kremlin named the goal of introducing QR codes in transport in Tatarstan - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“In this case, the region uses special powers that were granted against the backdrop of the pandemic,” Peskov said, answering journalists’ questions. “Of course, such solutions cannot be implemented without certain problems at the initial stage. But we hope that soon this situation will level out and, most importantly, all this will serve to ensure the safety and health of people. Because this is the only goal pursued against the backdrop of a pandemic,” he explained.

As a reminder, since November 22, a system of QR codes on public transport has been launched in Tatarstan – without this, no one except minors can now drive through. Taxi is still an exception, but according to reports from the region, prices have already skyrocketed. The very first hours of operation of the new system were not without incidents: cases of aggression against the conductors were recorded, hundreds of passengers had to leave the transport. The QR code, which is required in Tatarstan, is issued to those vaccinated against coronavirus, received a medical treatment or officially recovered from illness within six months.

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