The judge prohibited former President Mauricio Macri from leaving the country.

“Those spied on illegally are countless people,” Martino said.

The lawyer of a former mayor of Corrientes denounced this Tuesday for illicit association to carry out illegal espionage maneuvers to the former president Mauricio Macri and those responsible for the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) during his tenure, after claiming that his telephone communications had been subject to clandestine monitoring, judicial sources reported.

Pedro Martino, defense lawyer of the former mayor of the Corrientes town of Empedrado Juan Manuel Faraone denounced this Tuesday in the federal court of portage in charge of Marcelo Martnez de Giorgi to the former president of the Nation, to Gustavo Arribas, a Silvia Majdalani already Gustavo Biorci as part of an illegal association engaged in alleged illegal espionage operations.

The lawyer thus took the case of alleged eavesdropping made by the AFI detected in the communications, in this case, with his client, who was detained in the Ezeiza prison from October 18, 2018 to December 19, 2019, Faraone informed Tlam.

In the complaint to which this agency acceded, Martino indicated that “it clearly appears that those who represented the Executive Power (National State) in 2019, through their Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), have carried out illegal activities that have seriously affected “.

He also pointed out that it affected him in his professional practice as a registered attorney, but also, “having allegedly violated professional secrecy, among others, thus affecting due legal process and the right of defense in court of the persons subjected to the process.”

The lawyer asked to be held as a plaintiff in the case followed by the former president and the former AFI officials, accusing them of “alleged crime of illicit association, articles 210 and 210 bis of the Penal Code and violation of articles 42, 43 and 43 bis of the intelligence law 25,520 “.

Likewise, it maintained that “article 58 of the Civil and Commercial Procedure Code (Professional Practice) and article 18 and 14 bis (right to work) of the National Constitution have also been violated, with clear subjugation of the right to defense in court.”

“It is clear that the illegal espionage during the previous government was not an isolated event but was due to a political-criminal decision carried out by the highest authorities of that government,” said the lawyer.

And he stressed: “The illegal spied on are countless people and, to say the least, Macri, Arribas and Majdalani participated in that illicit association”, which is why, he said, “the complaint against Macri is in the character of the head of said illicit association” .

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