The Liège doctor in confession to having issued 2,000 false vaccination certificates was indicted and placed under arrest warrant

The latter, charged with false computer, computer fraud and attacking a computer system, will appear before the Charleroi council chamber next week.

As a reminder, at the beginning of the week, Minister Morreale revealed the existence of a dubious practice on the part of this doctor from Liège. The latter has provided more than 2,000 vaccination certificates all over the Walloon territory. Given the geographic scope and the number of certificates, AViQ (the Agency for a Quality Life) filed a complaint with a civil action.

A file has been put for investigation with the Charleroi prosecutor’s office. And quickly, the guilt of the offending doctor led to his arrest Wednesday evening by the federal judicial police in Charleroi. The Liège doctor admitted the facts against him this Thursday afternoon before the examining magistrate in charge of the investigation. Yes, he has registered 2,000 non-existent vaccinations, allowing many patients to obtain the CST (Covid Safe Ticket).

According to our information, these CSTs were provided in exchange for remuneration between 200 and 350 euros / part. The Charleroi prosecutor’s office refused to give more details on the doctor’s practices. Indicted and placed under arrest warrant on three counts: computer fraud, computer fraud and attack on a computer system, the doctor was placed in preventive detention. The council chamber will decide, at the beginning of next week, on the extension or not of this preventive detention.

In addition to legal sanctions (for this type of act, the accused risks up to 5 years in prison), the doctor also risks professional sanctions. The visa (issued by the FPS Public Health and which is the authorization to practice) can be withdrawn or suspended, even preventively. The Order of Physicians, informed of the facts, has already announced that its response would be “firm”. Philippe Bocho, the vice-president, judged the behavior of the doctor “unworthy of the profession” and assured that an internal investigation would be opened. The fraudulent doctor also lost his access to Vaccinet, a system that allows doctors and vaccination centers to encode vaccinated people.

AViQ confirms that other doctors are in the agency’s sights for similar practices. Patients who took advantage of the fraudulent system set up by the accused also risk prosecution. Fake CSTs have been disabled.

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