The longest hit list: soon 2022 classics to be heard on Nostalgie

2022 classics in one list. Radio station Nostalgie will start on January 17 and will continue for 12 days.

Unlike other radio stations that usually end the year with a hit list, Nostalgie is already starting the new year for the fourth time in a row with a classics list. The Classics 2022 is the longest hit list in Flanders and it will be broadcast from 17 to 28 January. Listeners can vote again (via ) for their favorite songs. Even when the list started on January 17th. Then the top 22 can still be shuffled.

In the Classics 2022 Not only do the best hits of all pass in review, there is also room for memorable memories. In The best days of my life listeners look back on fond memories of their favorite artist. From spotting Leonard Cohen during breakfast at the hotel to a chat with Gene Simmons from Kiss? Fans hope with their powerful stories to entice listeners to vote for their favorite artist. (jdr)

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