“The Magician’s Elephant”: Trailer for the new Netflix children’s film

Peter (voiced by Noah Jupe) is on the hunt for his missing sister Adele (voiced by Pixie Davies). When he meets a fortune teller in a marketplace, only one question comes to mind: Is my sister still alive? He only gets one hint: find the mysterious female elephant and her keeper – the great magician (voiced by Benedict Wong in the original).

So Peter embarks on an adventurous journey, even if he doesn’t know where to begin his search at first. However, fate leads him to the elephant. The unforgettable friendship that results from this accompanies him on his journey from now on. Not even the at first glance unsolvable riddles that Peter is confronted with can harm this friendly bond.

Here it is trailers to the new Netflix children’s film “The Magician’s Elephant”:

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