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The Moscow authorities decided to expand the Magistral bus network. According to Deputy Mayor for Transport Maxim Liksutov, the changes will affect more than 200 routes in the Central and Southern Administrative Districts. The main goal is to speed up public transport so that it does not sit idle for a long time at intersections and does not meander along secondary roads.

Infographics “RG” / Leonid Kuleshov / Sergey Babkin

Let me remind you that the Magistral network has been operating in Moscow since 2016. It included 49 routes connecting the center with the periphery. Since then, many Muscovites prefer to ride on the ground, rather than in the subway, admiring the cityscapes. At the same time, bus passengers spend no more time on the road. Due to convenient stops and a developed network of dedicated lanes that have appeared over the past decade, a bus can travel, for example, from Kitay-gorod to Teply Stan in an hour. But by car, this journey along busy roads takes one and a half to two times more time. Now, according to the Department of Transport, the time has come to take stock of the project and even significantly expand its geography. The analytics of transport workers show that thanks to Magistral, passenger traffic in the center has grown by 40 percent. This relieved many radial lines and major metro stations. And the interval between “main” buses in the center is now 5-10 minutes, although several years ago it was not possible to wait for transport in half an hour.

Now “Magistral” has gone south. As explained in the Department of Transport, it is in this district that new MCD stations, metro and transport interchange hubs are being built. The transport complex calculated that the expansion of the bus network is relevant for 900 thousand residents of the capital and the Moscow region.

Routes will be rebuilt in stages. First, the traffic lights will be reconfigured on the bus path: the controllers under the asphalt will turn on the green light at the right time. New dedicated lanes will also be introduced, and the stops of different trunk routes will be moved closer to each other. Bus-to-bus transfers are now free, so there will be more travel options.

“Trunk” buses run at intervals of 5-10 minutes

The main principle of building new routes is linearity. “Few people like winding routes, usually people prefer to go from point A to point B in a straight line,” the department commented. “as if you yourself went by car. We make an exception for the so-called social routes – those that connect schools, clinics, and the MFC.” Changes are now being worked out, Muscovites will see the updated Magistral in 2022.

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