The main odds of the European Championships have only become stronger since his World Cup title

Deaths are ours

It would be difficult to say that the Hungarian national team was in an easy group, as the last two world champions are in our quartet (2018: France, 2014: Germany) and the defending champion of the European Championship and the winner of the League of Nations (Portugal), and then let’s mention that at the 2016 European Championships, the French were the other finalists …

In addition, the ranking based on the market value of the framework may be revealing, as summarizes three of our world’s strongest seven opponents, with the French ranking second with € 1.04 billion (first England 1.47 billion), the Germans were third with 964 million and the Portuguese were seventh.

By comparison, the market value of the Hungarian national team is estimated at 86.35 million euros, which puts us in 48th place in the world, and of our rivals Kylian Mbappé (160), Joshua Kimmich (90) and Bruno Fernandes (90) alone are worth more than the German portal’s calculation. according to as Marco Rossi’s complete team together …

Now that we have positioned the participants, let’s turn to our protagonist today, the French Guard.

What has happened to the French national team since the 2018 World Cup?

Immediately after the World Championship gold medal could come the first act of the League of Nations, in which the loss to the Dutch in the last match was lost. Of course, this also required that in the subsequent German-Dutch match, the guests were able to save two points after 0 minutes from 0-2.

As expected, the European Championship qualifiers were already drawn by the French, but all the credit to the Turkish team, which was able to score four points against them (the other eight matches were all won by the Deschamps), came in second, ahead of Iceland – which he replaced. ours finally said goodbye.

In the new League of Nations competition, the first place was no longer lost, the Portuguese were beaten away by the group in front of the Croatian and Swedish teams, so they could prepare for the October Four final, where they will face Belgium for the finals on the other leg. and an Italian-Spanish semi-final will be held.

Weaknesses and strengths of the team

What can be brought up as a weakness in a team that closes first with a little exaggeration where it starts?

With strengths, it’s not easy either, as it’s hard to decide whether the Paul Pogba – N’Golo Kanté double (triple with Adrien Rabiot) that can destroy all opponents ’attacks and also be a great help in the offensive game, or the department responsible for finishing, is stronger.

In the end, we were not looking for a solution in these either, but in the quantity of quality players. It says quite a lot about the strength of a frame, whether it’s One of the best performers in Serie A (Theo Hernández), Bayern Munich’s big summer certificate (Dayot Upamecano), gigantic club prodigy (Eduardo Camavinga) or Arsenal goal scorer ( Alexandre Lacazette) didn’t fit in, and then let’s not forget Ferland Mendy and Anthony Martial, who are recovering from the injury.

Perhaps the biggest question for the French national team right now seems to be whether they will be able to bring down another tournament to as high a level as last time and maintain concentration throughout the matches, whether they will be comfortable in the game.

To be sure, if the guard takes the lead in a match, it doesn’t bode well for opponents, because if you can even pass the area to your opponent, a counter-attack after a Pogba – Kanté ball acquisition will bring you a lot of success to stop the free zone coming. Mbappét.

What even opponents can trust is not being allowed to do so, and the offensive play becomes convulsive against the crumbling, massive defense. Of course, it’s not as if one of the classics can’t decide the match with one move.

The captain and the sailors

Didier Deschamps He has been leading the French national team since July 2012, so by the end of the tournament he will be past his ninth year as captain, with a record of more than 3,200 days and 112 matches in power so far. Under his leadership, the band was even knocked out of the final winning Germans in the quarter-finals at the 2014 World Championships, but two years later at the domestic European Championships, it cut back to Nationalelf in the semi-finals, another matter is whether the Portuguese eventually won the final. At the 2018 World Championships, nothing came of it, running past the Argentines, beating Uruguay and Belgium, where they won 4-2 against the Croatians.

It’s very hard to single out just three of the band, especially in a way that would definitely be worth writing about two players.

Kylian Mbappé he has now been the most valuable football player in the world for years and cannot be admired enough. The 22-year-old striker of the PSG was one of the key players in the world championship team – Argentine defenders have probably dreamed of him ever since … In 2018, he was voted Footballer of the Year in France, winning Ligue 1 gold and French Cup four times, two League Cups and three French He also already has a super cup, three-time goal king, U19 European champion. PSG borrowed for the first time in 2017, a year later for € 145 million, a final striker for Monaco, who has since scored 132 goals in 171 matches with 61 assists, more than Edinson Cavani (200) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (156) in club history. can show. If only one word were to be said, why is he the greatest danger in the open, perhaps the fast that would be the answer. How fast? Let’s ask Gerard Pique, who is trying to keep him at the BL game in Barcelona … (Mbappé took four goals from Barca’s accusation and two goals from Bayerne, and he couldn’t play in the BL semi-final fight against the City due to injury.)

In March, we could still write about to Deschamps Karim Benzema he donated his best years to Real Madrid after not being invited into the frame since 2015. Then it seemed like he wouldn’t even be selected anymore the scandal involving Mathieu Valbuena because of his role in the game, and then, to everyone’s surprise, the Real Madrid battle was included in the European Championship. If the off-field problem has indeed been finally closed, there is no doubt that it will be a huge reinforcement for the national team, as it is one of the best and one of the most underrated strikers in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that the fact that Real Madrid had a chance for the championship gold until the last match, thanks to him, closed the season with 46 goals and nine assists in 46 betting matches – Marco Asensio and Casemiro, who ran big, finished second in the Royal Guard, with seven hits.

And the third option is to throw in N’Golo Kantét. Chelsea’s triple-lung filter is everywhere on the pitch, no fatigue is known from the news, and it collects more balls per match than the weekly volume of a retail store. In addition to being able to neutralize the attack of any opponent on his own with a little exaggeration, he is also showing progress in the offensive game, all he has to do is watch his attacks on BL opponents in Madrid.

Previous European Championship appearances – both at the summit in 1984 and 2000, almost in 2016

The French team, which bid farewell to the Greek and Austrian national teams, made it to the finals of the first European Championship in the 1960 European Championship, but in the final match they led to 3: 1 and 4: 2 in the final, and the Yugoslavs reversed the semi-finals (4 : 5), and the French eventually fell short in the bronze match against Czechoslovakia (0: 2).

It may come as a surprise to today that 24 years had to wait for the next participation, and that between 1960 and 1992 only this 1984-is This was what the French team got to. As a director … However, if there was an opportunity to get into the eighth tournament without qualifying, Michel Platini lived with it, and in the group they beat Denmark, Belgium and Yugoslavia first, and then said goodbye to the Portuguese among the four, and finally and Spain was beaten 2-0. Juventus’ triple gold ball classic became a top scorer with nine hits, no one in the whole tournament got over three …

In the 1992 match, the group stage was the final stop behind the host Swedes and the later winning Danes, four years later they were unbeaten in the semi-finals – the Czech Republic overcame in a criminal duel, 2000-ben in turn, another gold came as a fresh world champion in a multi-player tournament (khm …). In the Belgian-Dutch match, the latter were beaten 3–2 in the group-leading battle, the Spaniards were beaten in the quarterfinals, the Portuguese in the four, and the Italians in the final – also 0-1 in the 93rd minute. With a goal by Marco Delvecchio …

Four years later, a dramatic translation was shown in the Overture against the English (Zinédine Zidane changed the match to 2-1 with goals scored in the 91st and 93rd minutes), and although they were just scouting against the Croatians, defeating Switzerland came first. Unfortunately, however, the Greek team with concrete defenses arrived in the quarterfinals, which finally showed the march, showing an amazing march.

The next two tournaments were not about French excellence, finishing group points behind the Netherlands, Italy and Romania in 2008 and finishing second behind England in 2012, but the later winning Spaniards proved too strong in the quarterfinals.

A 2016 them We have already talked about a home fight, but let’s run through it: 89th minute winning goal against Romania (2–1), 90th and 96th minute goals against Albania (2–0), iksz with Switzerland (0–0) , so as the first group to advance to the relegation stage. There, the early Irish goal was doubled by Antoine Griezmann (2–1), Olivier Giroud (5–2) scored five against Iceland, which glowed like a pleasant spot, Grizi (2-0) came again against the Germans, but in addition, the Portuguese were happy (0-1).

The expected start is eleven

Although the French national team last set up with two filters in 4–4–2 and before that they also played in 3–4–1–2 and 4–3–1–2, Federal Captain Didier Deschamps has a good chance of He will favor a 2–3–1 line-up in which everyone can be said to be world-class with a little exaggeration over the defensive line. The biggest question seems to be whether to get a say in front of the Pogba-Kanté midfielder pair and behind Benzema, next to Mbappé and Griezmann. There may also be Kingsley Coman, Ousmané Dembélé or, in a more defensive line-up, Adrien Rabiot (in this case there would be three inner midfielders behind the Mbappé – Griezmann – Benzema trio).

So below is a more offensive line-up of the expected lineup, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Rabiot would eventually get into the starting lineup and have a final track drawing of 4–3–1–2 or 4–3–3.

Lloris – Pavard, Varane, Kimpembe, L. Hernandez – Kanté, Pogba – Mbappé, Griezmann, Coman – Benzema

It is also a favorite with our readers

It is no coincidence that the bombing guard is considered by bookmakers to be the number one favorite, and among our readers, the French have received the most votes so far – in a huge battle with the English.

Which team do you think will win the European Championship?

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    The Netherlands

(Cover image: Kylian Mbappé after winning the World Championship trophy in 2018 – Matthias Hangst / Getty Images)


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